BOX PPSM1 - Gateways power supply accessory kit

Accessories kit to power supply MWDG-GSM gateways using solar panel - Suitable for open field applications without AC power supply - Provided with photovoltaic panel, lead-calcium rechargeable battery and 6A charge regulator - IP68 sealing - Provided with additional circuit for double power supply (mains supply and photovoltaic).

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Box material ABS
Bracket material Opaque polycarbonate
Box dimensions 382x282x131mm
Bracket dimensions 384x545x5mm
Collar pitch minimum: 52mm - maximum: 60mm
6A-12/24V charge controller - Nominal working voltage  12/24V
6A-12/24V charge controller - Maximum current 6.6A
6A-12/24V charge controller - Sealing IP22
6A-12/24V charge controller - Dimensions 85x98x34mm
6A-12/24V charge controller - Weight 108g
6A-12/24V charge controller - Ambient temperature from –25 to +50°C
6A-12/24V charge controller - Self-consumption 6mA
Battery - Type Lead-calcium
Battery - Features 9Ah-12V
Battery - Case material ABS
Photovoltaic panel - Nominal power 10W
Photovoltaic panel - Vmp 17.9V
Photovoltaic panel - Imp 0.56A
Photovoltaic panel - Voc 22.41V
Photovoltaic panel - Isc 0.61A
Photovoltaic panel - Dimensions 33.7x20.5x1.5cm
Photovoltaic panel - Weight 0.80Kg
Switching power supply - Outputs 1
Switching power supply - Output voltage 13.8V
Switching power supply - Output current 2.6A
Switching power supply - Output type
  • Fixed
  • Adjustable
Switching power supply - Nominal power 35.9W
Switching power supply - Input voltage
  • 85V (minimum)
  • 100÷240VAC (nominal)
  • 264V (maximum)
Switching power supply - Isolation voltage 3kV
Switching power supply - Case Metallic
Switching power supply - Terminal type Clamp in a row
Switching power supply - Efficiency 83%
Switching power supply - Medium time between two faults (MTBF) 523,300h
Switching power supply - Ripple and noise (V) 120mV
Switching power supply - Operating temperature
  • -20°C (minimum)
  • +60°C (maximum)
Switching power supply - Dimensions 99x97x36mm