WSD12T-KK - Indoor temperature - Status integration

3-channel Wireless Smart Datalogger - Two NC/NO status integration inputs and indoor temperature - Type "C" lithium internal battery for a battery life up to 7 years with samples every 10 minutes - IP65.

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Power supply 8.5Ah - 3.6V type “C” lithium internal battery
Battery life (*) Up to 7 years (samples every  10 minutes and radio signal quality at least sufficient)
Measures acquired ( 3 input channels)
  • NC/NO (Status integration)
Sampling interval (*) Selectable from one minute to 24 hours ( 10 minutes default)
Datalogger capacity 64,000 samples (for each channel)
Working temperature
  • Operative: -30°C ÷ +60°C
  • Warehousing: -40°C ÷ +70°C 
Radio frequency ISM 868MHz
Radio coverage Up to 6Km in line of sight (can be extended using WR12 battery powered repeaters)
Sealing IP65
Dimensions 90x120x50mm
Weight 350g
Case material ABS
Mounting Fix on 4 points
Connections Wireless USB
Cable external diameter 4.7mm maximum
Copper wire section 0.05 ÷ 2.5mm² / ÷ 14 AWG
NC/NO (Status integration) - Measure range 1 change every 3 seconds
NC/NO (Status integration) - Output voltage 3V (pull-up 10KΩ)
Outdoor temperature - Transducer type NTC10KΩ
Outdoor temperature - Measure range -30°C ÷ +60°C
Outdoor temperature - Measure accuracy
  • ± 0.5°C Range -30°C ÷ 0°C
  • ± 0.2°C Range 0°C ÷ +60°C
Outdoor temperature - Measure resolution 0.01°C

* battery life may be influenced by fieldwork conditions, sampling interval and system configuration.

** radio coverage reachable using up to 32 WR12 repeaters (maximum 16 for each path) between the device and the gateway.