With 50 years of experience in technological innovation, CAPETTI ELETTRONICA designs and produces devices with high added value on an industrial scale.

Within its Industrial division (PARTNERSHIP), the advice and expertise provided by engineers and specialist technicians enable our clients to obtain customised solutions that can respond to market requirements within extremely tight timescales. By overseeing the entire value chain from the individual component through to the tested system, CAPETTI’s offering guarantees maximum design flexibility and a 360° view of the engineered product’s lifecycle.

Within the Wireless division (PRODUCTS), our tech-advanced WineCap™ dataloggers have become synonymous with reliability and precision in an IoT context. In the field of environmental and energy monitoring, CAPETTI ELETTRONICA is partner to the main European industry players in addition to major Italian multi-utility companies. When it comes to geotechnical and structural monitoring, thanks to strategic partnerships, our WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) systems are distributed on all continents.

Our ongoing ability to innovate encompasses the creation of new contexts that make it possible to imagine the future of electronics, continuous collaborations with research centres in leading Italian universities, and the desire to grow by continually evolving through passion and enthusiasm.

With this vision, CAPETTI is of the belief that environmental sustainability must be aimed at reducing pollutants and safeguarding society, because corporate responsibility means looking to the future of the generations to come, with respect for individuals and the environment in which we live.