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Exclusive characteristics of WineCap™ technology

Some wireless dataloggers are extremely reliable, others have considerable radio range, and others guarantee zero electromagnetic pollution. The WineCap™ line is the only one which combines all of these benefits in just one product.

WineCap™ dataloggers guarantee radio range up to 6 km and, thanks to CAPETTI’s ultra-low power technology, long-life batteries enable lifetime up to 12 years. Measurements taken by the sensors are stored locally and sent to the gateway at scheduled intervals (from 1 minute to 24 hours).

By means of a CONFIRM and ACK mechanism, the application profile guarantees that data are definitely received (true datalogging). Moreover, battery repeaters make it possible to redirect the signal from increasingly remote dataloggers (thanks to intelligent routing that autonomously selects the best route), thereby increasing radio coverage by up to 16 times. As a result, it is even possible to capture data from dataloggers when they have to be installed in a very shielded location (e.g., underground, tunnels, boiler rooms etc.).

The data are captured a second time and also stored by the gateway. The WineCap™ system reliably manages data concentration and transmission, regularly sending it to the www.winecap.it Service Centre or directly to predefined server addresses via an FTP service.

At this point, the data are captured and stored for a third time and, thanks to a web console, are available via the web for easy consultation by operators who have the relevant access credentials (from a PC, tablet or smartphone). Operators can therefore access the data to carry out operations securely and autonomously within their remit.

Via interface functions (web services and sFTP), these data can be captured automatically from the database by management platforms supported by customer IT systems.

Competitive advantages for WineCap™ technology users

  • Ultra-low power (lifetime up to 12 years)
    • Once installed, no need to replace batteries every year.
  • Excellent radio range (6 km in line-of-sight)
    • Formidable field coverage.
  • Self-powered repeater
    • Network can be further extended if necessary.
  • Automatic routing
    • The system self-configures, seeking the best radio route
  • Zero electromagnetic pollution
    • Maximum antenna power of just 10 mW.
  • Low-latency battery-powered wireless actuators
    • Two-way communication, so commands can be sent remotely.
  • Network listening every second
    • Even when setting a low sampling time or alert threshold, timely data can be requested or received.
  • Combines the best technologies to ensure security and service continuity, such as FHSS, GFSK, CRC16, FEC and DATA WHITENING
    • If a channel is saturated or disrupted, frequency hopping guarantees data integrity and security.
  • Access to the WineCap™ Service Centre
    • Data access and sharing may be local or remote with the appropriate credentials.

WineCap™ technology in monitoring applications

The flexibility of the Wireless Sensors & Actuators Network (WSAN) make WineCap™ dataloggers ideal for numerous monitoring applications: